Professional work with C3D Architecture PLLC
Schematic Design through Construction Documents.

Located on 44 Drive in Queens, New York this ground-up development of a mixed-use building in Long Island City will stand on a lot sized 100' x 100'. The 8-Storey Development isto contain the com bi nation of Commercial Retail, a Hotel, and Residential Units. The Facade is clad in Alpolic's Brushed Aluminum Composite Panels, and Bendheim's Back Painted Frosted Glass, and enclosed with a window-wall system by Wausau and a storefront by YKK. The building's planning maxes out the allowed zoning envelope, and maximizes square footages, while providing a number of extra benefits, like exterior recreational spaces on the terrace and roof The facade's dull reflective surface will pick up light and shadow from its environment, and change appearance with the sun's movement throughout the day.  

Photography by Michael Young
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